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Industrial Gases


Messer attended PowderMet 2019 and featured two new innovative atmosphere control systems for the additive manufacturing of quality powder metal components and presented a paper on control systems for sintering atmospheres that can improve process repeatability.

A new name at PowderMet, Messer is now one of the largest privately-owned industrial gas companies in North and South America with over 70 production facilities in five countries. The company offers efficient industrial gas solutions for powder making, additive manufacturing (AM) and post processing.   


During a session on furnace design and atmospheres Messer  discussed control systems that dynamically respond to variations in the sintering atmosphere to achieve more uniform thermochemical reactions for high process repeatability. The presentation was is titled, “Controlled-Atmosphere Technologies for Sintering High-Quality Components.”

Additive Manufacturing

Messer featured two atmosphere control systems:

  • Active Storage Control for Powder Metal Quality. The Messer metal powder cabinet delivers inert gas to the storage, while tightly monitoring and controlling critical powder storage parameters delivering consistent powder quality from delivery to application.
  • Atmosphere Control for 3D Process Quality. The Messer atmosphere control system protects parts during 3D printing by continuously analyzing the inert atmosphere to precisely control oxygen and humidity ensuring consistent quality and reproducible part performance.

Click here to learn more about our ASURE3DTM atmosphere control solution.

Messer offers a range of industrial and specialty gases, gas delivery and control systems as well as process consulting across the powder-metal manufacturing and production chain. Expertise includes post processing including heat treating technologies and hot isostatic pressing (HIP). The Messer portfolio for metallurgy industries also includes gases, equipment and services for combustion, cooling, welding and cutting.

As part of The Messer Group, the company offers over 120 years of proven expertise in the safe and reliable production and delivery of industrial, medical and specialty gases. For more information, fill out the form below or call 800-755-9277.

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