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Additive manufacturing processes continue to redefine the concept of what’s possible on fabrication lines, enabling low-cost, on-demand flexibility and customization unheard of just a few years ago. However, if you want the best results, you need to start with the best source materials—which means world-class process gases from Messer are a must-have.

Messer has been the premier partner for additive manufacturing applications since the technique was first engineered. Not only do we offer significant expertise and a market-leading selection of gases and supply options, we put the most experienced and engaged customer support in the industry at your disposal. No matter how ambitious your idea is, we are here to help you take it from dream concept to tangible reality.

Whether you manufacture for the aerospace industry, energy, the automotive industry, the medical field, or another market altogether, Messer will partner with you every step of the way, researching and developing new techniques and creating cutting-edge solutions customized to your exact needs.

The Messer additive manufacturing (AM) innovation ASURE3D Atmosphere Control – making the impossible, possible

Leaks and other impurities can lead to suboptimal atmosphere in your AM chamber, which can change the chemical composition—and in turn the quality and durability—of your end product. But the Messer AM innovation ASURE3D™ enables you to designate and maintain your desired atmosphere.


Your perfect finish requires high-end surface cleaning. Messer's ASURE3D CO2 cleaning process uses dry ice to blast powder residues and other unwanted substances from your workpieces – gently, efficiently, eco-friendly and without costly cleaning-related downtimes

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Critical 3D-printed parts may require post-processing under high pressure. Messer can provide you the turn-key system for gas delivery and treatment for high performance and precise specifications.

Powder Bed Fusion

You can’t have a precise, consistent printing process unless you maintain a precise, consistent gas composition in the powder bed. Messer’s gases, equipment, and cutting-edge technology—including our AM innovation ASURE3D™ O2 Atmosphere Control—may help you get a perfect print.

Powder Metallurgy

The best possible base material is the first step in printing the best possible product. Our knowledge and experience in gases may help ensure your gas composition is accurate and your metal atomizes flawlessly into metal powder—and maintains its properties during transport and storage.

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