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Chilling, freezing, and handling solutions for baked goods production, from initial ingredients to final packaging

The baked goods category encompasses everything from basic dry ingredients and loaves of bread to pies, pizza crusts, cookies and even birthday cakes.

Messer’s portfolio of bakery solutions is equally varied. From dry ingredient chilling to end-of-line freezing, Messer has the know-how, the gases and the equipment to satisfy your every need.

Moreover, many of our freezing and chilling solutions can be retrofit onto your existing equipment, enabling you to enjoy major benefits at a minor cost.

With the support of Messer’s engineering team and industry expertise, we’ve been able to run these [spiral] freezers not only more efficiently to get more throughput, but also at a lower cost per pound while maintaining quality

Vince Nasti, VP of Operations, Nation Pizza & Foods, LLC


Freezing Solutions

Increase ROI and sustainability while reducing waste and cost with innovative cryogenic solutions.

Chilling Solutions

Full systems and retrofits that enable you to improve safety, efficiency, and food quality.

Bulk Gases (Liquid N2 and CO2)

Pure, safe and efficient gases for all your cryogenic food freezing and chilling operations.

Rhino Foods Finds ‘Sweet Spot’ for Freezing Cookie Dough

“We have more potential than we realized. We designed this freezing system with the ability to grow and to produce substantially more than our current system."

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