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Humans have been heating and refining metals for five thousand years, but it’s safe to say we could never have imagined the awe-inspiring scale and elemental intensity of a modern melting operation.

We can think of at least one additional aspect of today’s industry that would catch our ancestors off guard: The constant dual pressure modern operators face to remain not just compliant with all rules and regulations, but also competitive and profitable.

Messer sees and understands the challenges you face, and we’re here to help you solve them. 

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Aluminum Solutions-1-1


Market-distrupting proprietary aluminum melting oxygen lances and OXIPYR® burners.


Oxyfuel Low-Emission Flameless Burners

Processing metals? OXIPYR® "flameless" oxyfuel burners are leading solutions that can enhance furnace production and save on costs while also meeting stringent emission standards.

technology solutions Nonferrous metals

Other Non-Ferrous (Copper & Lead)

Oxyfuel solutions and best-in-class gases to economize the combustion and melting of non-ferrous metals.


Iron, Steel & Foundries

Enhance energy efficiency, productivity and product quality while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.



Best-in-class gases and oxyfuel solutions that can boost kiln production and reduce emissions.

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