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Boost throughput, profitability, and eco-friendliness with oxyfuel burners that lower fuel cost, emissions, and carbon footprint

Metal production is one of the most energy-intensive industries on Earth, requiring temperatures usually reserved for the inside of an active volcano. As any melt shop manager can testify, the monetary cost of generating and maintaining such awe-inspiring levels of heat can be staggering.

OXIPYR® low emission “flameless” burners from Messer can help.

OXIPYR® replaces your furnace atmosphere’s nitrogen—which contributes nothing to furnace efficiency, but must nonetheless be heated and circulated, wasting valuable energy and fuel—with combustible oxygen. As a result, your furnace heats faster and burns more efficiently, cutting your fuel costs by up to 50%. In the process, OXIPYR® also creates a more homogenized furnace temperature and reduces both CO2 emissions and NOx formation—operational improvements that can result in throughout gains of up to 50%.

For example, in one documented installation, an OXIPYR® system reduced cycle times for reheating 4-3/4” billets in a rotary hearth furnace by 50%, and reduced overall energy consumption by a full 63%.

Available in a full range of customizable configurations, Messer’s purpose-built OXIPYR® solutions are ideal for iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and lead production use cases, and for applications including blast furnaces, shaft furnaces, ladle preheating, reheating furnaces, galvanizing and annealing lines, and more.

To learn more about OXIPYR® flameless burners and their ability to help you balance production demands with profitability, please download the data sheets below. Messer offers installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance services for the OXIPYR® gas burner systems for industrial use; and combustion solutions for related markets.


OXIPYR® for Aluminum Remelting

"Flameless" oxyfuel burners to raise productivity and lower costs and emissions.

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OXIPYR® LEAF Air-Oxy Fuel Burner

Flexibility to switch from straight air-fuel to 100% oxy-fuel with lower NOx emissions.

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