Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nonflammable gas which makes up 78% of our atmosphere. Yet this common and versatile gas also has an incredible range of industrial applications. Nitrogen in liquid form can be used to chill, freeze, and package many of our favorite foods and beverages. Nitrogen in gaseous form can be used in flammable furnace atmospheres for metal heat treatment or for inerting chemical reactors. Nitrogen is even indispensable to the fabrication of the semiconductor devices that drive our increasingly digital world.

Messer’s high purity nitrogen, available via bulk truck delivery, pipeline, or on-site production system, is used across a broad variety of industries. Our team has experience working with some of the most challenging applications around.

Why Use Messer for Your Nitrogen Applications?

Across all of these industrial applications, we support our customers with a robust network of production facilities, a nation-wide distribution fleet, and advanced equipment solutions. We provide:

  • Over 120 years of proven experience in the safe, dependable production and delivery  of nitrogen and other industrial gases.
  • Innovative, turnkey equipment solutions that help improve safety, efficiency, and throughput while reducing labor and carbon footprint.
  • Deep understanding of industry-specific standards earned from working on hundreds of technical industrial gas projects freeing you to focus on other priorities.

Liquid Nitrogen Specifications

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Markets Utilizing Nitrogen











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Manufacturing & Industrial Processes


Metal Heat Treatment


Oil & Gas

Technology Solutions Using Nitrogen

Enhanced Reactor Cooling

Messer’s CRYOCONTROL™ system offers a high-efficiency, more environmentally friendly alternative for low-temperature batch cooling.
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Food Chilling

Liquid nitrogen bottom injection chilling systems use proprietary precision KRYOJECTOR® nozzles to chill ground meat, poultry, bakery dough or seafood products with cutting-edge efficiency. This hygienic system provides batch to batch consistency, prevents plugging, and retrofits simply into your existing system.
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Food Freezing

Nitrogen can improve production throughput and efficiency of operations in a compact footprint through a range of advanced equipment such as spiral freezers, impingement freezers, or Messer’s Wave Impingement Freezer for individually quick frozen (IQF) products.
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Nitrogen used for inerting, blanketing, and purging in industries ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals.
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Nitrogen-based lyophilization is essential for extending the useful life of perishable pharmaceuticals (including injectables like vaccines).
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Metal Powder Production and Sintering

High-pressure nitrogen can supply critical metal production equipment such as inert gas atomizers, while nitrogen is also used in atmospheric control systems for sintering.
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Metal Processing and Heat Treatment

Furnace atmosphere control systems utilize nitrogen (in combination with other gases) to improve efficiency and throughput for annealing processes, while solutions like high-speed gas injection enhance efficiency for metal hardening.
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Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds

Nitrogen’s CRYOSOLV™ system helps remove volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in chemical, oil and gas processing, and other process gas streams.

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Nitrogen Safety with Messer

Safety is a core value at Messer. This video shows you how to safely work with nitrogen.

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Industrial Nitrogen Supply Options


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