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MGCU enables oil and gas operators to most economically monetize early flowback gas by scrubbing out CO₂ to meet pipeline...

This paper examines the total life cycle costs of hydraulic fracturing fluids, comparing water-based and energized solutions...

This paper reviews the productivity of fracturing fluids in unconventional plays and assesses relative costs of stimulations with various fracturing fluids…

Case Studies

“With Messer, we are now meeting the needs of a new generation who crave the comfort of gourmet Italian cooking, but also demand convenience.”

Quality throughput is critical to competitiveness the frozen food industry. When the market for one of its popular products took o faster than expected, Kayem Foods, Inc. needed a solution.

“The new chilling system definitely makes the job easier, and our operators like the new control panel”

“We’ve been able to run these freezers not only more efficiently to get more throughput, but also at a lower cost per pound”


Determining oxygen content in different atmospheres is a demanding task: Messer’s oxygen sensor is based on well-established technology with a design that allows measurements in a wide range of atmospheres.

Data Sheets

Provides a simple, cost-effective method to accurately control temperature conditions in your chilling operations.

Blends effective freezing capabilities with efficient and economical operation at an unbeatable price.

Immersion freezing is the fastest way to freeze while locking important nutrients, moisture, and flavor into food. The Messer immersion freezer can be adapted to specific processing needs to help increase the quality of frozen product.

A simple, cost-effective method to control product temperature in your processing or storage and handling operations.

If you are looking for ways of producing frozen pellets of sauces, purees and other liquid foodstuffs, then take a closer look at the Messer pellet freezer.

Messer’s patented impingement technology combines cryogenic gases with high-velocity convective airflow to achieve rapid chilling and freezing of food products.

As a leading provider of bulk medical gas supply and systems, Messer has developed Hospital Services to design and implement these critical life support systems.

This datasheet provides the ranking of fracturing fluids based on 11 key characteristics, and why CO₂ and N₂ may be the preferred choice.

Uniform heating for higher productivity, no hot spots and less emissions.

Gas inner cooling for fast and economical production.

Rapid chilling provided by Messer's Combo Chiller inhibits bacterial growth that can compromise food quality and safety. The Combo Chiller supports various types of bins including cardboard and plastic.

Messer's Snow Dispenser is the solution for processors who need instant chilling of perishables and boxed meat, poultry and seafood products, directly in their packing boxes.

Messer's patented OXYCYLE oxygen recovery unit reduces oxygen consumption by up to 60%, reducing operating costs and bringing ozone production to new efficiency levels.

Low temperature oxidation for NOx control.

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