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MGCU enables oil and gas operators to most economically monetize early flowback gas by scrubbing out CO₂ to meet pipeline...

This paper examines the total life cycle costs of hydraulic fracturing fluids, comparing water-based and energized solutions...

This paper reviews the productivity of fracturing fluids in unconventional plays and assesses relative costs of stimulations with various fracturing fluids…

This revolutionary new system from Messer updates the tried-and-true Huff-n-Puff concept with cutting-edge nanoparticle recovery technologies.

High-efficiency cryogenic chilling processes boost productivity and streamline food processing operations while reducing costs.

Messer’s patented OXYCYCLE technology reduces oxygen consumption by 60% or more, substantially lowering operating costs and boosting ozone production efficiency to new levels.

High-efficiency cryogenic freezers boost productivity and streamline food processing operations while reducing costs.

As food & beverage processors drive toward higher productivity and expanded product offerings, food safety remains critical to success — and can impact the entire organization.

Case Studies

“With Messer, we are now meeting the needs of a new generation who crave the comfort of gourmet Italian cooking, but also demand convenience.”

"Quality throughput is critical to competitiveness the frozen food industry. When the market for one of its popular products took off faster than expected, Kayem Foods, Inc. needed a solution."

“The new chilling system definitely makes the job easier, and our operators like the new control panel”

“We’ve been able to run these freezers not only more efficiently to get more throughput, but also at a lower cost per pound”

“The Messer Food team worked closely with my management on implementation, often after hours to minimize downtime, right down to training all our employees on the new technology."

“We were looking for a freezer that would increase throughput, efficiency of CO₂, be more sanitary, and easier to clean. We chose Messer because we felt [the freezer] met all those needs, and it has.”


Determining oxygen content in different atmospheres is a demanding task: Messer’s oxygen sensor is based on well-established technology with a design that allows measurements in a wide range of atmospheres.

From Messer's latest technology for enhancing well productivity through the power of combining gases and nanoparticles, to our best-in-class carbon dioxide and nitrogen service operations, we are your trusted provider.

Learn more about the physics behind sub-zero treatment and how Messer's technologies may meet all your sub-zero treatment needs.

This revolutionary new system updates the Huff-n-Puff concept with cutting-edge nanoparticle recovery technologies. The result is an ingeniously innovative, incredibly effective EOR solution that will give fresh life to your older wells.

Whether you need additional oxygen capacity to support your activated sludge process, contain odors or prevent septic conditions in your wastewater transfer pipes, Messer may have the perfect BIOX solution for your individual wastewater treatment challenge.

Messer‘s ASURE3D™ atmosphere control uses state-of-theart engineering to continuously analyze the gas atmosphere in your powder chamber with high precision and without cross-sensitivity.

Data Sheets

Provides a simple, cost-effective method to accurately control temperature conditions in your chilling operations.

Blends effective freezing capabilities with efficient and economical operation at an unbeatable price.

Immersion freezing is the fastest way to freeze while locking important nutrients, moisture, and flavor into food. The Messer immersion freezer can be adapted to specific processing needs to help increase the quality of frozen product.

A simple, cost-effective method to control product temperature in your processing or storage and handling operations.

If you are looking for ways of producing frozen pellets of sauces, purees and other liquid foodstuffs, then take a closer look at the Messer pellet freezer.

Messer’s patented impingement technology combines cryogenic gases with high-velocity convective airflow to achieve rapid chilling and freezing of food products.

As a leading provider of bulk medical gas supply and systems, Messer has developed Hospital Services to design and implement these critical life support systems.

This datasheet provides the ranking of fracturing fluids based on 11 key characteristics, and why CO₂ and N₂ may be the preferred choice.

Uniform heating for higher productivity, no hot spots and less emissions.

Gas inner cooling for fast and economical production.

Rapid chilling provided by Messer's Combo Chiller inhibits bacterial growth that can compromise food quality and safety. The Combo Chiller supports various types of bins including cardboard and plastic.

Messer's Snow Dispenser is the solution for processors who need instant chilling of perishables and boxed meat, poultry and seafood products, directly in their packing boxes.

Messer's patented OXYCYLE oxygen recovery unit reduces oxygen consumption by up to 60%, reducing operating costs and bringing ozone production to new efficiency levels.

Low temperature oxidation for NOx control.

Oxygen enrichment for intensification of Claus processing.

In order to comply with regulations, one customer was looking for an environmentally-friendly way of SWS gas treatment.

The CRYOCONTROL™ Fluid Temperature Control (FTC) system from Messer provides a fast and accurate cooling of process fluids.

Messer’s high-speed gas injection for advanced heat treatment is a patented technology which allows for better gas convection in heat treatment furnaces without fans.

Food processors worldwide use Messer spiral freezers for freezing meat, seafood, poultry, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and specialty products.

Messer’s Automated Box Chilling system is the solution for processors who need instant, on-demand CO₂ chilling of perishables including boxed meat, poultry and seafood products, directly in their packing boxes.

Messer's services for oxygen enchrichment in FCC plants provide signficicant advantages, including higher plant efficiency.

The NEUTRA water treatment method and installations employ carbon dioxide in order to neutralize alkaline waters. When dissolved in water, carbon dioxide forms carbonic acid and reduces the pH value to the appropriate level.

The FARMOX low pressure sidestream injection system is a low-pressure oxygenation system for seawater, brackish water, and fresh water tanks. The system is a patented all-in-one product which oxygenates and evenly distributes the water in the fish tank using an adjustable flow regime.

The FARMOX™ drop-in water treatment system solution was developed to meet the need for oxygenation in sea cages.

Messer's cabinet freezer is useful for freezing and chilling prepared foods, bakery products, seafood, meat products, larger-sized products, and products requiring long retention times. It can also be used to store frozen or chilled products.

If you are looking for ways to produce frozen pellets of sauces, purees, and other liquid foodstuffs, then take a closer look at the Messer Sauce Pellet Freezer. This patented freezer will produce individually quick frozen (IQF) sauce pellets in a regular size with high repeatability.

The ASURE3D Powder Cabinet equipment is valuable for cabinets with multiple storage shelves as these are a great place for ambient air and moisture to hide and constantly affect the powder particles. The equipment uses a highly directional gas stream and a carefully selected flow rate to ensure the desired moisture value.

The dry ingredient chilling system from Messer is designed to pneumatically cool conveyed products such as flour, sugar, cocoa, etc. When used for flour in the baking industry, it ensures a consistent, top-quality product from every batch of dough.

The CRYOSOLV Vapor Emission Control (VEC) system provides flexible, compact, and efficient equipment and solutions to minimize the atmospheric emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by using cryogenic liquid nitrogen.

Messer hot products freezer is a powerful and economical cryogenic freezer. This patented technology utilizes cryogenic gases and high-velocity crossflow cryogenic gases to achieve rapid chilling and freezing of food products. The Messer hot products freezer is designed for the cooked and prepared food market.

The KRYOJECTOR™ bottom injector from Messer is a patented cryogenic bottom injection system working with either liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide. Wherever fast and efficient chilling without additional process equipment is needed, the KRYOJECTOR injector is the answer.

Messer‘s NEUTRA™ water treatment product line has been developed to provide a safe and accurate alternative to mineral acids for alkali pH control. “NEUTRA mobile“ is ideal for operators of small- to medium-sized plants looking for a cost-effective and hassle-free solution to address their neutralization needs.

Messer’s BIOX™ water treatment product line has been developed to meet aeration and mixing needs in wastewater treatment plants. The “BIOX mobile” is a flexible solution suitable for all industrial wastewater treatment plants using aeration processes.

The Messer nitrogen sluice system is an excellent option wherever reactor vessels or mixers are charged manually and an inert atmosphere is necessary to ensure safe operation and maintain production quality. It has delivered excellent results across numerous industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing.

Messer's Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is suited for the production and packaging of rye bread, sweet bakery products, and pies. It eliminates the risk of excess carbon dioxide – the cause of ‘ice melt’ – and offers the ability to balance the concentration with nitrogen.

With Messer‘s BIOX™ process, oxygen is transferred in the form of very fine bubbles into the water perforated diffuser hoses without the need for an external energy supply. This is especially applicable for medium-deep tanks, providing effective cost advantages.

Additive manufacturing (AM) processes use metal powder to build a 3D printed metallic component. Excess powder typically adheres to the surface of the finished component, often collecting in holes and cavities. Redundant powder particles need to be removed before the part can be used. The ASURE3D™ cryogenic cleaning solution was developed to maximize cleaning flexibility.

The ASURE3D™ Powder Cabinet, providing atmosphere control for powder metal storage quality, was designed specifically to retain and protect the quality of valuable, sensitive additive manufacturing (AM) metal powders from the adverse effects of ambient air and humidity.

Flameless oxyfuel combustion in preheating of various vessels is an efficient method of cutting heating times, improving fuel economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and extending vessel refractory lining life. The OXIPYR™ system now makes this energy efficient preheating application available for use in smaller vessels and runners such as foundries and micro steel mills.

The Messer high pressure liquid pump is a modern, cost and energy-efficient unit that delivers nitrogen at high pressure. It doesn‘t degrade the gas purity when liquid nitrogen is gasified. If you're looking for high-pressure nitrogen or argon supply, look no further.

Many oxidation processes in refineries and petrochemical plants and in base chemical production use ambient air as an oxidant. Oxygen enrichment of these processes can increase plant capacity. Yield and selectivity can often be improved as well.

HSEQ Documents

The Community Right-to-Know provisions help increase the public's knowledge and access to information on chemicals at individual facilities, their uses, and releases into the environment. States and communities, working with facilities, can use the information to improve chemical safety and protect public health and the environment.

This policy is integral to the Messer strategy and is periodically reviewed by the Executive Committee. Messer is committed to the implementation of this HSE policy.

At Messer we comply with product and service quality based on requirements determined by our customers, our own quality standards and by regulatory authorities.

This is to certify that the Management System of Messer North America, Inc. has been approved by LRQA to the following standards: ISO 9001:2015.

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