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Messer Americas’ Graduate Development Program (GDP) immerses graduates, like you, into the broad world of industrial gases. This two-year program allows graduates to choose between one of five tracks: Operations, Commercial, Information Services, Finance, and Supply Chain Management.

In each track, you'll learn about Messer’s business, develop your technical and business capabilities, and excel as a professional. Each rotation allows you to explore a new business area in different locations across America. 

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In the Operations track, we offer a diverse range of popular rotations for graduates that have a Bachelor’s in Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. These include Project Execution, Production, Reliability, Supply Chain, Remote Operations Center (ROC), and Process Engineering. These rotations cover various aspects of industrial gas plants starting from their management, safety, to efficiency, all the way to environmental and quality compliance and pipeline customer relationship management allowing graduates to gain valuable experience in different areas of the business.

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Customer-Facing Engineering/Commercial

For graduates with a Bachelor’s in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering, Messer offers popular rotations in Application Sales, Application Development, Project Execution, and Account Management in the Commercial track. The Application Sales team collaborates with Account Managers to provide technology-based gas solutions to customers. Application Development focuses on research and commercialization of gas-related offerings. Project Execution oversees the safe and timely delivery of customer-focused solutions, while Account Management drives growth and revenue.

Messer offers a Commercial track as a career option for recent graduates

Information Services

Do you have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration or Data Analytics? Messer's Information Services track might be perfect for you!

We offer rotations in Software Development, Infrastructure/Technology, Service Delivery/Vendor Management, and Project Management. The Information Services track, based mainly out of our Bridgewater, NJ, headquarters, offers a comprehensive introduction to Messer's digital capabilities, from supporting business applications to computing and telecommunications capabilities, all the way to end-user services and enhancing Messer's competitive advantage.

Messer offers popular rotations in Software Development, Infrastructure/Technology, Service Delivery/Vendor Management, and Project Management

Supply Chain Management

For those graduates with a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Information Systems or Logistics, Messer offers popular rotations in Supply Chain Optimization/Information Systems, Operational Cost and Performance, Scheduling/Transport Systems, Central Transport Management, Product Management/Sales Performance, and Finance. These rotations, based mainly out of Bethlehem, PA, cover various aspects of supply chain planning, cost analysis, scheduling, transport management, product management, sales performance, and financial analysis to support decision-making and efficiency improvements within Messer.



Messer offers popular rotations for those with a Bachelor’s in Finance, Accounting, Economics or MBA through the finance track. Rotations include Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Financial Modeling & Capital Investment, Controlling & Reporting, Controllership & Accounting, Treasury, and Internal Audit & Risk Management. These rotations, based mainly out of our Bridgewater, NJ, headquarters, cover various aspects of financial analysis, capital investment evaluation, budgeting, reporting, accounting, treasury management, and risk assessment to support Messer's financial performance and governance. 

Upon successful completion of the finance track, graduates may earn the Chartered Global Management Accountant® (CGMA) designation. 

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About Messer

Messer is a leading industrial, medical, electronics and specialty gas company serving North and South America.

The true strength of Messer is our people.

The Messer difference goes far beyond quality gases and innovative technology solutions. It comes from the excellence of our people, delivering innovation and responsive service. It comes from talented young professionals like you.

Because at Messer, you matter.

Messer's vision for Diversity & Inclusion is to create an environment where all of us accept, respect and value the differences of multiple identities and truly welcomes the diverse ideas and perspectives of individuals. In doing so, we shape an open and creative company culture, providing every individual an equal opportunity to thrive. 

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At Messer, sustainability is at the core of our strategy and we incorporate it in our day-to-day business.

Our talented, diverse and motivated workforce provides leadership to ensure that we act with safety, integrity and respect for our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment in everything we do.

We value our customers and focus our development on technologies that support their shared sustainability journey. 

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