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Lock in the quality of red meat, pork and other proteins

Count on Messer’s cryogenic freezers, chillers and gases to help you preserve the freshness and flavor of meats — as well as plant-based proteins — during processing and packaging.

Our impingement freezers offer outstanding freezing per square foot of floor space, perfect for everything from burgers and sausages. Our KRYOJECTORTM bottom injection systems will ensure your raw ground meat stays at the exact temperature you need. We also offer a wide selection of solutions for primal cuts, from our chilling system and CO2 snow generators to market-leading spiral and tunnel freezers.

The examples go on and on … and so do the possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to increase product yield, expand production capacity, or simply maintain product temperatures, Messer has all the gases, equipment and experience you’ll ever need. Let us help you get the most out of your red meat, pork, and other protein pipelines.


Freezing Solutions

Cutting-edge freezers that minimize risk and maximize safety, efficiency, and food quality.

Chilling Solutions

Inventive-yet-reliable solutions that lessen costs, Lock in juicy freshness, and reduce waste.

Liquid N2 and CO2

Elite-grade bulk gases to keep your production pipelines running smoothly and reliably.

“We simply gave Messer a target as far as what temperature we wanted the finished product to be and we relied on their expertise to account for equilibration and to avoid freezing product solid on the belt."

, VP of Manufacturing at Kayem's New England plant

Technology Solutions for Red Meat, Pork, and Other Protein

Messer offers a comprehensive lineup of cutting-edge freezers, chillers, and coolers, as well as bulk cryogenic gases to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Whether you're looking for a new state-of-the-art full install or an economical retrofit, we have the perfect solution for you.


Impingement Freezer from Messer Helps Double Line Capacity for Kayem al fresco Chicken Sausage

"Quality throughput is critical to competitiveness the frozen food industry. When the market for one of its popular products took off faster than expected, Kayem Foods, Inc. needed a solution."

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