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Oxyfuel solutions and bulk gases to optimize production from iron making to steel-finished products

Mankind has been casting metal since at least 5000 BC. Business has been strong ever since, with modern iron and steelmaking processes producing 1,800 million metric tons of steel and 1,500 million metric tons of iron each year.

Messer is ready to ensure you get your share of that work, thanks to production lines enhanced by the purest gases and the latest oxyfuel lances and burners.

Let our expert engineers analyze your operations and create a custom oxyfuel solution that increases performance, grants you greater flexibility, and lowers both cost and emissions.

Oxyfuel solutions from Messer. They can take the heat.

Bulk Oxygen, Argon, and Other Gases

As the largest privately-owned bulk gas supplier in the world, Messer is your ideal source for industrial-purity oxygen, argon, nitrogen, and other process gases.


OXIPYR™ Lances

Ideal for: Kilns, Blast furnaces, Smelting, Direct Reduction, Metal reheating, Cupola furnaces, Rotary Drum furnaces

Messer’s state-of-the-art OXIPYR lances are tailor-made in a variety of customizable configurations to suit a vast range of applications. For metal refining and kiln operations, OXIPYR lancing is capable of delivering oxygen into a convertor at speeds up to Mach 2. Process benefits include higher heat flux, reduced off-gas volumes (POC’s) and reduced emissions. Additional benefits also include significantly improved productivity (tph), with equal-to-greater product quality without sacrificing yield.


OXIPYR™ Burners

Ideal for: Electric Arc furnaces, Steel reheating, Ladle preheating, Blast furnaces, Smelting, Direct Reduction, Converters, Tundish preheating, Cupola furnaces, Rotary Drum furnaces

Whatever specific equipment your production line includes, there’s a strong chance it would benefit from the presence of Messer’s OXIPYR oxyfuel burners. Faster heat-up times, higher melting rate and efficiency, less dust, lower emissions and exhaust gas levels, and of course reduced operational costs are just some of the benefits OXIPYR can deliver.


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