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Gases and equipment you can depend upon for metals processing and heat treatments from annealing to sintering

The use of heat and cold to alter the physical and chemical properties of metal is an awe-inspiring process. It is also demanding and vital to your finished product. Fortunately, Messer is the ally to help you deliver the highest quality, consistent product, all while maximizing cost and efficiency.

Need a reliable source for bulk gases? Messer is a supplier of the highest quality gases that you require. Need equipment, too? We have the best technology for the job. Plus, our seasoned experts will be there to ensure you have all the training and/or support you’ll ever need.

For instance, our High Speed Gas Injection (HSGI) solutions can improve productivity in many conventional heat treatment furnaces and processes such as annealing, carburizing, sintering, brazing, and more.

To start exploring your potential solutions, select a category below:


Annealing & Hardening Solutions

Bulk nitrogen and/or hydrogen to maintain the optimal furnace atmosphere for maximum quality and shine.


Brazing Solutions

Technology and gases that will enable you to optimize your furnace atmospheres, boosting quality.


Carburizing Solutions

We give you precise control of your atmospheres and carbon potential for carburizing and carbonitriding.


Cryogenic Treatment Solutions

Maximize metal hardness and strength with Messer's liquid nitrogen and cryogenic treatment solutions.


Sintering Solutions

Ensure precise gas atmospheres and ideal performance with our powder metal sintering equipment and gases.


Bulk Gases

Whatever your process, we have the gas you need, from O2 and N2 to CO2, Ar and more.

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