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As a global leader in cryogenic freezing technologies for the food industry, Messer has decades of experience providing innovative solutions to our customers’ needs. We are uniquely qualified to meet the changing demands of the food processing sector. If you have a freezing or chilling challenge – we can help!

Messer engineers have helped our customers grow and improve the safety and efficiency of their processes resulting in millions of dollars to their bottom line.

Need an experienced supplier of food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) gases for your freezing and chilling needs? We are that supplier. Could you use informed advice and guidance? Our food industry engineers are eager to help you improve product yield, boost quality, and improve both throughput and ROI.

Finally, if you’re ready to upgrade to state-of-the-art cryogenic freezers, we are the process engineers you know and trust. Our designs redefine the cutting edge, and we offer a complete range of cryogenic freezers for efficient in-line forming and freezing. Better yet, our flexible leasing arrangements make it easy for you to adopt the latest technology with a minimum of capital outlay.

With the support of Messer’s engineering team and industry expertise, we’ve been able to run these [spiral] freezers not only more efficiently to get more throughput, but also at a lower cost per pound while maintaining quality.

Vince Nasti, VP of Operations, Nation Pizza & Foods, LLC

Freezing Systems

Messer Wave Impingement Freezer

Ideal for:

meat, poultry, seafood, patties, bakery products, sliced and diced chicken, chicken wings, meatballs, sausages and pizza toppings

The Messer Wave Impingement Freezer is an innovative high-capacity freezing solution that combines the benefits of wave product agitation with impingement gas flows to give customers new-found levels of flexibility and productivity. Watch our video to learn more.

Messer Hot Products Freezer

Ideal for:

poultry, meat, pork & other proteins

Messer hot products freezer is a powerful and economical cryogenic freezer. This patented technology utilizes not only cryogenic gases but also high-velocity crossflow cryogenic gases to achieve rapid chilling and freezing of food products. The Messer hot products freezer is designed for the cooked and prepared food market.

Messer Impingement Freezer

Ideal for:

flat food products like patties

The unique Messer impingement freezer is designed to easily and quickly freeze a diversified range of product types.

Smaller in size than conventional cryogenic freezers, it occupies less space on the production floor (typically 60% less floor space than conventional cryogenic tunnel freezers for the same production rate).

Messer Spiral Freezer

Ideal for:

freezing meat, seafood, poultry, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and specialty products

Messer spiral freezers allow your frozen foods to be preserved at the absolute peak of flavor, texture, and appearance comparable to fresh foods. Spiral freezers offer high dependability, simple operation, easy maintenance, and large freezing capacity in a small footprint that easily integrates into your process.

Messer Cryo-Assist to Mechanical Freezing

Ideal for:

poultry, prepared foods

The CryoAssist system is a Messer cryogenic freezer used to rapidly crust-freeze food products prior to further processing or freezing. The Messer CryoAssist system is often used to “boost” mechanical freezing capacity and/or aid in product handling processes, such as pressing and batter-breading.

Messer Wave Freezer

Ideal for:

a vast array of different IQF and trayed products, including diced poultry, meatballs, pizza toppings, diced fruits, vegetables as well as raw and cooked shrimp.

The Messer wave freezer combines a standard tunnel with a mechanical system that agitates the product as it is conveyed through the freezer. It has the ability to freeze products individually, irrespective of shape, form and orientation, and without affecting the integrity of the product. You can learn more in the Pierino Foods, Pocino Foods and Tip Top Poultry case studies.

Messer Pellet Freezer

Ideal for:

prepared sauces, fruit juices, vegetable purees, fruit purees, and other liquid products

If you are looking for ways of producing frozen pellets of sauces, purees and other liquid foodstuffs, then take a closer look at the Messer pellet freezer. Watch our video to learn more.

Messer Nitrogen Immersion Freezer

Ideal for:

poultry, pizza toppings, strawberries, shrimp or 1,000-15,000 lb/hr of individually quick frozen (IQF) food

The Messer immersion freezer can be used as a standalone freezer, in conjunction with a post-cooling tunnel or spiral, or even as a Cryo-Assist unit linked to a mechanical freezer. When attached to a Messer spiral freezer, the immersion-spiral combination provides the most efficient freezing solution. This solution provides the benefit of crusting the product in the immersion and the ability to re-use the cold gas in the spiral freezer.

Messer Nitrogen Immersion-Spiral Freezer

Ideal for:

freezing meat & poultry, glazed and marinated products and shrimp and seafood fillets

The two-stage freezer capitalizes on the BTUs available in the phase shift as liquid nitrogen transitions to gas, capturing and recycling cold gas from the immersion stage for immediate use in the compact spiral stage. In traditional liquid-nitrogen immersion systems, BTUs are often wasted as exhaust gas. Utilizing both phases to individually quick-freeze products is about 50% more efficient than with liquid nitrogen alone. The spiral freezer’s solid-drum design directs the flow of nitrogen vapors for high heat transfer rates.

Messer Modular Tunnel Freezer

Ideal for:

freezing meat, seafood, poultry, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, and specialty items, so that food is at the absolute peak of flavor, texture and appearance

Messer’s modular tunnel freezer blends effective freezing capabilities with efficient and economical operation at an unbeatable price.

Messer Cabinet Freezer

Ideal for:

prepared foods, bakery products, seafood, meat products, larger-sized products, and products requiring long retention times

The Messer cabinet freezer has a whole range of features making use of the latest in control and manufacturing technology. Powered by liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) cryogen, this powerful freezer delivers high output but also has low space requirements.


High-efficiency Cryogenic Freezing for Food Processing

High-efficiency cryogenic freezers boost productivity and streamline food processing operations while reducing costs. They help maintain proper food temperatures essential for food quality, preservation and food safety.

Download this whitepaper for an introduction to food processing utilizing cryogenic food-grade gases – either carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2).

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