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Low-temperature and flameless oxy fuel technology and gases for faster, cleaner processing of aluminum, copper, and lead in controlled atmosphere heat treatment

Iron and steel may be the metal industry’s headliners, but plenty of non-ferrous metals deserve some time in the spotlight as well. 

It’s safe to say our modern world would look completely different without aluminum, which is used to make everything from Tesla’s electric cars to aerospace parts to soda cans. Most every home—and most every electrical device in that home—has arteries of copper wire. Moreover, while modern pennies are actually 97.5% zinc, plumbers still install miles of copper pipe every day. Then comes lead, which remains a vital ingredient in car batteries, radiation shielding, and storage containers for corrosive liquids, among other things. 

Clearly, the world has a huge demand for non-ferrous metals—and if your work involves meeting that demand, Messer can help. Our optimized bulk oxygen supply solutions and oxy fuel oxygen-enriched burners and lances are ideally suited to keep your furnaces burning cleaner and hotter, with improved temperature uniformity, reduced emissions, and a lower cost of operation than conventional air burners.

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Copper & Lead Solutions

Melt faster and cleaner with Messer's OXIPYR® burners and lances.
Messer Aluminum Solutions

Aluminum Solutions

Oxy fuel and air-oxy fuel burners and lances to increase and optimize your aluminum melting and smelting furnaces. 
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