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Keep prepared foods tasting fresh with cryogenic freezing and chilling solutions that boost production while decreasing cost

Prepared foods are all about delivering convenience without sacrificing quality — and so is Messer.

Our cryogenic solutions will chill and freeze your products with efficiency, maximizing productivity while minimizing food waste, contamination risk, and operational cost. 

Whether you’re preparing pizza, pasta, ethnic mixes or fillings, frozen meals, soups, or deli logs, a fast, flexible, affordable freezing and/or cooling solution from Messer could be your most vital ingredient.

With the support of Messer’s engineering team and industry expertise, we’ve been able to run these [spiral] freezers not only more efficiently to get more throughput, but also at a lower cost per pound while maintaining quality.

Vince Nasti, VP of Operations, Nation Pizza & Foods, LLC

Technology Solutions for Prepared and Ethnic Foods

Messer offers a comprehensive lineup of cutting-edge freezers, chillers, and coolers, as well as bulk cryogenic gases to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Whether you're looking for a new state-of-the-art full install or an economical retrofit, we may have the right solution for you.


Freezing Solutions

State-of-the-art cryogenic freezers that boost quality and minimize loss.

Chilling Solutions

Efficient and reliable chilling and cooling that improves ROI and lessens operational costs.

Liquid N2 and CO2

Top quality cryogenic gases from a trusted supplier with generations of expertise.
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