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Undercover gassing with beverage grade nitrogen and CO2 

Undercover gassing is a valuable method for protecting many beverage products—but achieving the proper balance of gases is vital.

What is undercover gassing?

Undercover gassing refers to a process which uses an inert gas (N2, CO2, or a mix of both) to replace oxygen in the headspace of canned or bottled products just before they are sealed. These inert gases enhance shelf-life and protect beverage quality by reducing oxidation.

Undercover Gassing with Nitrogen in Beverages: Balancing with CO2 

For non-carbonated beverages, nitrogen is usually the best fit. However, especially when filling carbonated beverages, the choice of gas needs to be carefully aligned to application requirements.

Using only CO2 can result in over-carbonation. Pure nitrogen, however, can lead to de-carbonation. The right mixture can alleviate both issues and depends on the degree of carbonation in the beverage.

Why Messer Stands Out Among Beverage Grade Nitrogen Gas Suppliers

Bottling and canning operations that use undercover gassing can benefit from Messer’s extensive experience and expansive supply chain of beverage grade N2 and CO2.

Our beverage team can help customers:

  1. Determine the best solution for your undercover gassing requirements (and other beverage-related gas applications like carbonation).
  2. Meet precise production requirements and regulatory standards.
  3. Determine the right gas mix and other undercover gassing best practices.
  4. Perform turnkey installations of related equipment.
  5. Pinpoint process improvements for enhanced cost, efficiency, and outcome quality.

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Gases that can help you improve efficiency and protect product quality across a variety of different applications in beverage production.

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Nitrogen Dosing

In the beverage industry, nitrogen can also be used in its liquid form to help strengthen non-carbonated beverage containers.

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Pure N2 for your beverage production needs, delivered exactly how you need it.

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