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Maximize the flavor and shelf life of pet food, dairy products, edible oils and greenhouse produce while elevating yield and efficiency

At Messer, we’re committed to providing service to every possible sector of the food and beverage industry, from dairy farms to hydroponic greenhouses. No matter what your application, we can help you increase efficiency, lower costs and waste, and enhance product quality and shelf life. 

Choose your market segment below and start learning what our 120+ years of experience can do for you.


With the support of Messer’s engineering team and industry expertise, we’ve been able to run these [spiral] freezers not only more efficiently to get more throughput, but also at a lower cost per pound while maintaining quality.

Vince Nasti, VP of Operations, Nation Pizza & Foods, LLC.

Technology Solutions for Pet Food

Messer supports the pet food industry in a variety of ways, from chilling and freezing solutions for suppliers to chilling, freezing, crust freezing, and shelf life solutions for manufacturers. As pet foods continue to move closer in product specification to human food, Messer can also provide atmosphere packaging solutions in order to extend shelf life and improve product quality.


Technology Solutions for Dairy

Our technology utilizes environmentally friendly liquid nitrogen to maximize survivability and uniformity of your cheese and yogurt starter cultures. Our processors are gentler and more efficient than conventional freeze dryers. We are your go-to source of food-grade CO2 and pH regulators: We can help determine areas for cost efficiencies and preserve the quality of your cheeses. Our gases and equipment can greatly enhance your milk powder production. Finally, our modified atmosphere packaging systems can extend shelf life and keep your product looking and tasting better for longer.


Technology Solutions for Edible Oils and Fats

Oxygen can cause edible oils to degrade. Fortunately, a nitrogen-based blanketing, inerting and/or purging system from Messer is a great alternative. These systems can also be combined with one of our hydrogenation solutions for the ultimate in product stability and shelf life.

Messer’s blanketing, inerting and purging system

LIN mixing system


N2, CO2, H2, and more


Technology Solutions for Greenhouse Operations

Messer supports greenhouse growers and packagers from seed to shelf. We can help you boost yields with a CO2-enriched greenhouse atmosphere, deter root rot with O2-infused irrigation water, and extend product shelf life with our modified atmosphere packaging system.

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