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Whether you’re upgrading an existing production line or assembling an entirely new one, you want technological solutions that are cost-effective, optimized for your unique requirements and as future-proof as possible. In other words: You want to consult the Messer Technical Center.

The team at the Messer Technical Center is dedicated to creating new and innovative solutions to our customers’ specific concerns. Moreover, we help both in-person and virtual visitors identify and implement solutions through consultation, testing, analysis, training, joint development (when appropriate) and practical demonstrations of applied gas technologies.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a visit (onsite in Cleveland, Ohio or virtual from anywhere).  

+- Technical Services

  • Customer Product Testing using our state-of-the-art processing equipment

  • Technical Training—equipment-specific deep dives on the operation, safety, and maintenance of our various processing solutions

  • Design and Factory Acceptance Testing of processing equipment

+- Virtual Demonstrations

Our virtual demonstrations provide a remarkably immersive extension of an in-person experience. Using cutting-edge VR technology, we enable you to view technology demonstrations through the eyes of our onsite technical team and interact directly with them in real time during the demonstration.

+- Dedicated Test Labs

The Messer Technical Center also houses several dedicated test labs wholly devoted to individual industries. These labs may enable you to:

  • Validate the viability of proposed equipment—before it gets installed
  • Increase operational safety and efficiency with equipment-specific training
  • Consult with engineers in your specific field of application

Plus, each lab offers industry-specific services.

Food Processing Lab

Our team can explore fresh approaches to food processing issues, develop new technologies and fine tune existing cryogenic chilling and freezing processes. Here, we can perform calorimetry and quality and yield analysis, to help identify ideal processing parameters, estimate cost/benefits of proposed solutions, and even test possible solutions using your own products.

The result: freezing and chilling solutions that may provide benefits including reduced floor space and labor, boosted production, increased yield, lower operating costs, increased plant and product safety, and increased revenue potential.  

Food Processing Lab
Messer's cryogenic freezing and chilling solutions serve numerous industries, including poultry, bakery, prepared foods, seafood, red meat, and much more.


Metals, Glass, Heat Treatment and Combustion Lab

We may be able to help you optimize performance of burners or gas-injection and control systems and calculate and demonstrate the potential impact of upgrades such as high-efficiency oxy fuel burners or High-Speed Gas Injection (HSGI) nozzles. Benefits may include increased melting rates, massive reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions, and increase in overall throughput.

cryogenic freezing and chilling
Messer's solutions for combustion serve numerous industries, from aluminum to iron, steel & foundries.


Industrial and Additive Manufacturing Lab

Explore methods to improve process quality, increase part consistency and enable higher production rates with help from our applications team and technologies such as our ASURE3D™ atmosphere control unit. Don’t forget to ask about cryogenic cleaning systems that cleanse parts using high-pressure gas instead of water.

Chemistry, Energy and Environmental Lab

Serving a wide range of sectors including biopharma, oil & gas, water & wastewater and more, this lab is the place to go for assistance with processes including:

    • Control of pH and BOD/COD in water and wastewater
    • Cryocondensation of VOCs and solvent recovery
    • Precise temperature control in low-temperature reactors
    • Air-quality analysis of exhaust gases

+- Spare Parts Program

The Messer Technical Center’s expansive spare parts program offers more than 7500 high-quality items (the most vital 3500 of which are available for quick delivery) and fulfills more than 1800 orders per year. Learn more here.


The Messer Technical Center

Welcome to the epicenter of innovation and
customer solutions in applied gas technologies - the Messer Technical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Here, our team of Messer engineers demonstrate leading application technologies to customers and innovate to address emerging industry needs.

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