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Optimize your poultry process with chillers, freezers and gases from a trusted leader

From chicken nuggets and hot wings to marinated chicken breasts and sliced deli meats, Americans love their poultry. No matter what form your end product takes, Messer has the equipment, gases, and experience you need so that your production lines stay cool — or even frozen, if you prefer.

Our versatile line of freezing and chilling systems enable us to create your optimal solution. For any poultry product and every stage of the production process, from initial stunning through production, packaging and transport, Messer is the answer. 

To start exploring your potential solutions, select a category below:


Freezing Solutions

Pioneering cryogenic solutions that conserve time and resources while increasing safety and quality

Chilling Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions that optimize efficiency, lower costs, and boost sustainability.

Liquid N2 and CO2

Food-purity gases your production line needs, delivered exactly how you need them.
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