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From chicken nuggets to hot wings, from marinated chicken breasts to sliced deli turkey breast, Americans love their poultry. From initial stunning to fresh and further processing to final water treatment, Messer has the portfolio of gas technologies and experience you need to get more, quality product safely out the door.

Industry-Leading Poultry Chilling and Freezing Technology

Our family of cryogenic freezing and chilling systems enables us to implement temperature control solutions at any step of your process. Whether you're looking to add a new production line or add throughput to an existing one, our experienced team can help conserve labor and increase productivity while improving the security of your cryogen supply.


We increased production from 4,500 lb/hr average production to rates to 6,600 lb/hr, with peaks of up to 8,000 lb/hr. These production increases help give us the flexibility to respond to demand increases and tight labor markets.

Wesley Simpson, Plant Manager, Tyson Foods North Little Rock, Arkansas

Poultry Freezing Solutions from IQF to Spirals

From small startups to large-scale operations, Messer’s pioneering cryogenic freezing solutions can help you achieve your production goals. 

Our Messer Wave Impingement Freezer is perfect for chicken wings, diced chicken, and a variety of other Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) poultry products. Learn how Tyson Foods converted their CO2 tunnel to the latest IQF nitrogen solution.

Messer’s proven industry workhorse, our configurable family of spirals offers high dependability, easy maintenance, and large freezing capacity in a small footprint that easily integrates into your process. 

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Shorter in length, our unique high-capacity design occupies less space on the production floor (typically 60% less floor space than conventional tunnel freezers for the same production rate). 

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To boost existing mechanical freezing capacity during peak loads or production increases, many of our customers utilize our CRYOASSIST system to rapidly crust-freeze food products, locking in valuable moisture prior to further processing or freezing.


3473_Wave Impingement Freezer

Advanced Chilling Systems for Poultry

Our precise liquid nitrogen chilling solutions alleviate production bottlenecks and CO2 supply uncertainty while preventing dangerous manual labor with dry ice. 

Messer’s other leading poultry chilling solutions include: 

With over 150 installations, these proven systems use liquid nitrogen injected through proprietary precision KRYOJECTOR® nozzles to chill poultry with cutting-edge efficiency. This hygienic system provides batch-to-batch consistency, prevents plugging, and retrofits simply into your existing system. 

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This patented Cross-Flow Tunnel Freezer utilizes high-velocity crossflow cryogenic gases to achieve rapid chilling and freezing of hot and steamy products.

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Why choose Messer for Food Grade CO2 and Nitrogen for Fresh and Further Processing?

As an industry leader in poultry processing, we continue to support the National Chicken Council and National Turkey Federation. By listening to our customers and conducting product testing onsite or at the Messer Technical Center, we work to develop and refine differentiated technologies that solve the industry’s latest challenges.

Our latest innovative technologies are backed by:

  1. Messer’s decades of hands-on experience chilling and freezing poultry products.
  2. End-to-end process support, from selecting the right solution to turnkey installation.
  3. A robust nationwide gas supply network.
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