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Industrial Gas Supply and Technology Solutions for Metal Powder Production

Methods of powder production vary widely. The method chosen depends on the physical and chemical properties of the material, powder characteristics such as size and morphology, and the desired production rate. 

Contact our engineers to learn more about Messer’s supply and technology solutions for:


  • Vacuum Induction (VIGA/VIM)
  • Inert Gas Induction
  • Inert Gas – Cold Wall Induction (TGA, TiGA, ISM)
  • Electrode Drip Induction (EIGA)
  • Induction Plasma
  • Tungsten Arc Plasma
  • Plasma Arc Melt (PAM)

Powder Reduction in Hydrogen Based Atmospheres

  • Belt Furnaces
  • Pusher Type Furnace
  • Rotary Type Furnace


Technology Solutions for Powder Production

From industry tested high pressure argon or nitrogen supply solutions critical to the operation of inert gas atomizers to hydrogen based atmosphere solutions for reducing water atomized powder in belt furnaces, trust Messer’s experience and know-how to meet the needs of your operation.

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