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Full-spectrum support for welding, cutting, thermal spray and laser gas operations, from gases to equipment to training

Whether you’re an old-school artisan, a skyscraper-constructing metalworker or a high-tech laser shop serving the aerospace industry, Messer has the solutions you need.

Looking to improve your welding operations? We offer all-in-one solutions including a variety of gas mixtures, as well as equipment and safety training. Perhaps you need a better system for cutting metal? Let us design a custom solution just for you. Need a complete laser gas solution for your laser welding machines? We can deliver it. Finally, if thermal spray coatings are your area of focus, let us help you deliver your desired finish.

In short, we’ll make it easy — so you can make it whatever you want.

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Bulk Welding, Cutting, Coating and Laser Gases

Nearly every facet of metal fabrication requires high-quality gases and mixtures. Fortunately, Messer is a trusted and dependable supplier of such gases. Whether you need CO2 for shielding, O2 or N2 for laser cutting, or a customized mix for thermal coating, you’ll get results with gases from Messer.

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