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Medical gas systems play a vital role in keeping us healthy. They are truly essential healthcare infrastructure and must be meticulously maintained according to strict regulatory standards. 

In this context, designing, implementing, and managing medical gas systems is a complex operational challenge.

Messer’s medical gas services can help.

You take care of your patients. We’ll take care of your medical gas needs.

Keep reading below to learn more about how we can help manage medical gas systems, keep them supplied with medical gas, and provide comprehensive support services.


Medical Gas Delivery

Messer has experience providing healthcare organizations with a consistent supply of a variety of essential medical gases:

  1. Bulk Medical Oxygen
  2. Bulk Medical Nitrogen
  3. Liquid Helium for MRI’s
  4. Excimer Laser Gases for Laser Vision Correction

Comprehensive Medical Gas Services

Messer’s “Design, Build, Provide” platform includes key capabilities healthcare facilities needed to effectively manage a medical gas system according to current best practices.

  • Proven Implementation Services: design, turnkey installation, and project management for code-compliant medical gas systems.
  • Preventive Maintenance: proactive maintenance practices enhance ROI for medical gas systems by supporting reliability and reducing unplanned downtime.
  • Regular Inspections, Testing, and Certification: regular checks help protect patients and promote regulatory compliance.
  • Equipment Acquisition and Installation: Messer offers the experience and industry relationships needed to support the cost-effective acquisition of medical gas equipment and replacement parts.

Learn How Messer Provided Loma Linda University Medical Center with a Bulk Medical Oxygen Station Specially Designed for High Seismic Activity


A Trusted Medical Oxygen Supplier

The COVID-19 pandemic vividly demonstrates the importance of a proactive medical gas supplier.Messer’s medical oxygen supply network is supported by more than 30 production facilities and transport hubs and our National Operations Center (NOC), which provides around-the-clock service coverage, support, remote monitoring via telemetry systems, and emergency response plans.  

Learn More About Messer Medical Oxygen Here

Trusted Medical Oxygen Supplier

Due to the increased amount of O2 our hospitals are using and due to possible delivery delays from storm impact [of Hurricane Ida], Messer assisted with ensuring that our tanks were topped off and that we were prepared in the event normal traffic routes to the hospitals were disrupted. I am glad that my hospitals in the TriStar division have Messer as their bulk oxygen supplier.

James DeLaney, Divisional Director of Facilities Management, HealthTrust

Looking for a Medical Oxygen Supplier Near You?

Messer understands that maintaining a consistent oxygen supply is of the utmost importance to healthcare providers. Hospitals need to be able to count on their oxygen supplier even in the event of a natural disaster, shortage, or other issue.

Messer utilizes a large network of plants and sources to facilitate the production and distribution of medical oxygen throughout the United States. Please see our blog here for more information on maintaining an optimized medical oxygen supply.


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