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Boost speed, repeatability and product uniformity during lyophilization with eco-friendly cryogenic gases and solutions

By greatly extending the shelf life and transportability of perishable pharmaceuticals, including injectables such as vaccines, lyophilization (“freeze-drying” to the layperson) saves patients’ lives every single day. When your product is that important, you want a controllable and optimized production process—and Messer is here to help you achieve it. 

Our top-of-market cryogenic gases and innovative value-added equipment solutions can make your lyophilization process more stable and reproducible, while also increasing cost-effectiveness and environmental compliance due to the elimination of CFCs. 

Messer’s Ice Fog technology for lyophilization uses purified liquid nitrogen (LIN) and steam to create a sterile, cryogenic ice fog that enters the lyophilization chamber, synchronizing the time and temperature at which all the vials undergo nucleation. This Messer technology has been successfully installed in both lab-scale and commercial-scale units, making scale-up of your production process seamless. 

The results speak for themselves:

  • Reduced vial-to-vial variance leading to increased batch uniformity
  • Shortened primary drying time and reduced overall cycle time (in some studies by 30–35%)
  • Reduced reconstitution time
  • Reduced scale-up inaccuracies
  • Improved cake appearance
  • Reduced water vapor resistance due to increased ice crystal size
  • Reduced chance of vial breakage

Additionally, our CRYOCONTROL™ LF unit is a dependable and eco-friendly alternative to mechanical refrigeration systems in lyophilization units. Utilizing environmentally friendly LIN, CRYOCONTROL™ LF cryogenically cools the trays and chamber faster than mechanical freeze-dryers. CRYOCONTROL™ LF can reach temperatures as low as -80°C, has no moving parts, provides production rate flexibility and emits zero harmful emissions. The unit can be incorporated in your new lyophilization units as well as retrofitted into existing freeze dryers.

Learn more about both of these value-added technological enhancements, as well as Messer’s unmatched industrial gas offerings, at the links below. 

Technological Solutions for Lyophilization

Lyophilization's greatest use is in creating life-saving vaccines and injectables. So enhance your lyophilization process with Messer's market-leading cryogenic gases and forward-thinking technological solutions. 

Messer Ice Fog Technology for Lyophilization


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