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Increase yield and lower costs with CO2 snow cleaning, gases for injection molding and cryogenic grinding solutions

Plastic may be the single most versatile construction material in the history of the world, used for everything from soda bottles to surgical implants. Granted, the process of manufacturing (or demanufacturing) plastic products does present challenges—but Messer’s gases and technological solutions can help you optimize your production lines. 

Newly formed plastic parts? You can rely upon Messer’s innovative cleaning systems to utilize “dry ice” CO2 snow to blast away any contaminants left over from the manufacturing or storage process, with no risk of abrasion or damage to the original part. 

For more information on Messer’s gases and solutions for the plastics industry, click any of the links below or contact us.

Worker cleaning with snow

CO2 Snow Cleaning

State-of-the-art dry ice snow nozzles and systems to embrittle and blast away any contaminants and clean newly manufactured plastics without costly water treatment or damage to the original part.

Gas Assist Injection Molding

Gas Assist Injection Molding 

Reduce cycle time and gas injector clogging by using nitrogen or CO2 by cooling parts from the inside. Messer offers an alternative to using water for cooling in complex molds.


Spot Mold Cooling

For complex molds with hot spots, Messer replaces conventional water cooling with liquid CO2. Utilize the additional heat transfer from liquid CO2 to cool you molds uniformly and reduce cycle times and scrap parts.

Photo of worker holding foam sheets

Foaming with CO2

Affordably replace conventional, environmentally unfriendly blowing agents with CO2. Messer’s CO2 high pressure dosing equipment system provides accurate, constant flow without needing pre-cooled liquid CO2 like other pumps.


Cryogenic Grinding

Messer’s cryogrinding solutions for thermoplastics and elastomers use liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to better control fine grinding particle size. Benefits include increased fire protection, increased throughput, reduced caking, and reduced energy consumption. 


Bulk Gases

Carbon dioxide (CO2) for cleaning, liquid nitrogen (LIN) for cryogenic grinding and separating, and more.

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