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Controlled-atmosphere gases and industry-leading sintering technology to enhance quality and consistency

Sintering temperature and time are often regarded as the most important parameters in the sintering process and are tightly monitored and controlled. However, sintering remains an “art” largely due to the complex nature of a third component, the furnace atmosphere. 

In sintering, the furnace atmosphere must prevent air ingress into the furnace, assist in lubricant removal, reduce surface oxides on the powder particles, control carbon potential, and assist in uniform heat transfer. Precise control over the atmospheric composition at every stage of this process is required to create a quality product. 

To this end, Messer’s unique Sintering Atmosphere Control System provides comprehensive control throughout the sintering process of critical parameters such as oxygen and carbon potential.

In addition to industry-leading nitrogen and hydrogen supply capabilities, Messer’s sintering engineers are available to provide insight into the reactions occurring within the furnace, assist in process troubleshooting, and provide cost-effective solutions for improved furnace atmosphere control.

Technology Solutions for Sintering

Craft nearly net-shaped parts and protect their quality and consistency with sintering solutions from Messer. Whether you need a comprehensive atmosphere control system from pre-heat to cooling, or just want to increase belt and muffle life, we have everything you need—and the expertise to deliver it.

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