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Boost speed and eliminate defects in aluminum extrusion processes

If your manufacturing lines are extruding aluminum, you’re most likely using nitrogen to improve both output and quality of the final product. But unless you’re using a comprehensive die cooling solution with liquid nitrogen, your lines may still fall short of their true potential. 

+- Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion products are produced by pressing a heated billet under high pressure through a die. During this process, heat is produced through the deformation of the material and through the frictional heat at the bearing surface, which increases the exit temperature of the extrusion. Depending on the alloy, however, you should not exceed a certain temperature. This may lead to imperfections in the finished extrusion, including tearing and cracking.

+- Nitrogen Application

The task of controlling the temperature during the extrusion process is extremely complicated. It is also critical in determining the extrusion speed and the quality of the extruded product. High-purity liquid nitrogen from Messer can help cool down the formed section and the bearing zone of the die and may improve the output and quality in the extrusion of aluminum. The evaporating nitrogen gas inert the area where the shape is given to the profile.

Most extruded products are manufactured in small quantities with regular changes in shape: inerting these extrusions with nitrogen via an annular nozzle system, or similar means, can enhance the economy of the process and the surface quality of the extrusion.

In many cases, however, cooling of the die may result in significant improvement in output while maintaining a consistently high level of quality. Additional equipment and control software are necessary for this process so the liquid nitrogen can be fed in precisely controlled quantities.

+- Messer Solution

An increase in extrusion plant performance is essential to staying ahead in an increasingly competitive aluminum market. The Messer system results speak for themselves, and for qualified prospects, may provide:

  • Increase in extrusion speed, thus potentially increasing productivity from 10% to more than 50%

  • Larger production batches with fewer die changes

  • Improvement in surface quality eliminating defects due to overheating

  • Increase in die life

  • Maximization and stabilization of production processes

  • Operator-friendly die cooling technology

Messer also has extensive experience in supplying liquid nitrogen, as well as most other process gases.

Aluminum Extrusion Die Cooling Process

Messer can offer a sophisticated solution to deliver liquid nitrogen to the bearing zone. Both the layout of cooling channels in the die and the conditioning of the nitrogen with a subcooler are essential to this process. With control of the flow, as shown in this image, the active cooling enhances the capacity of the press and the quality of the surface. This can result in increased productivity and profit for your aluminum extrusion operation.

2.19.21 N5 Aluminum_Extrusion_Schematic-1

Bulk Nitrogen

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