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Boost speed and eliminate defects with Messer’s aluminum extrusion system

If your manufacturing lines are extruding aluminum, you’re most likely using nitrogen to improve both output and quality of the final product. But unless you’re using a cutting-edge liquid nitrogen (LIN) die cooling system utilizing Messer’s liquid nitrogen, your lines are likely still falling far short of their true potential. 

The cornerstone of Messer's system is its next-generation management software. This innovative, intelligent control system perfectly monitors and regulates the most vital aspects of the die cooling process, from extrusion speed to nitrogen injection. Moreover, it fine tunes and improves during every batch to give you the most optimized—and repeatable—manufacturing process possible. It can even identify potential concerns and solve them automatically.

The Messer system results speak for themselves:

  • Increase in productivity/speed of 10% to more than 50%
  • Prevention of surface defects caused by overheating
  • Longer uninterrupted production with fewer die changes
  • Increase in die life
  • Maximization and stabilization of production processes

Messer is also your best supplier of world-class liquid nitrogen, as well as most any other process gases.


Bulk Nitrogen

Need a trustworthy supplier of nitrogen or other gases? Messer is the first, last, and only name you need to know.


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