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Lower costs and emissions through cleaner processes and best-in-class gases

Are you looking to make your processes more efficient and meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations, without making significant capital investments? Choosing the right gases and technologies for your refinery is key to reaching optimal productivity levels.

Adding oxygen to a Claus process helps increase plant productivity and overcome bottlenecks. It may also increase ammonia conversions in the burner muffle. Additional benefits include lower CAPEX required for sulfur recovery unit (SRU) expansion and the ability to handle more sour gas streams.

Oxygen enrichment in a fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) regenerator allows the possibility of getting more performance out of the same catalytic reactor section. This may lead to an increase in the capacity or the yield of gasoline in the FCC – by reducing the residual coke level – hence increasing the activity of the catalyst. In addition, you can decrease your blower load while maintaining oxygen levels, or overcome blower limitations in the summer. This will also allow the use of heavier crudes.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in vent streams can be recycled or appropriately disposed of by using Messer's CRYOSOLVTM  cryogenic condensation system.


OXYBOOST™ System for Oxygen Enrichment 

An ideal solution for getting more performance from your catalytic reactor section.


OXYBOOST™ Injection System for Sulfur Recovery

Greatly enhance the capacity, yield, and stability of your Claus process operations.
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NOx Abatement

The ideal solution for fluidized catalytic crackers (FCCs).


Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Abatement

Minimize or prevent VOC release by adding cryogenic condensation systems that utilize the cooling capacity of liquid nitrogen (LIN).


pH Reduction

Bulk carbon dioxide for safe and reliable management of pH levels of discharged wastewater.


O2 to Reduce COD

Customizable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for BOD and COD control.

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Plant Turnaround and Pipeline Construction

The ideal solution for safely purging out your refinery with nitrogen during a turnaround.


On-site Production and Supply

Trust Messer to design and deliver the quality of an on-site supply system that fits your refinery.
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