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Optimize biopharmaceutical production with gases and solutions from a trusted market leader

Biopharmaceuticals are revolutionizing modern medicine. They’re safer, they’re efficacious, they make it possible to treat previously untreatable conditions … and we’re still just scratching the surface of all they can do. 

That said, manufacturing biopharmaceuticals is a formidable process marked by technological challenges, high costs and stringent regulatory guidelines. In fact, for many producers, the problem isn’t creating a demand for their product—it’s manufacturing the product in the first place. 

World-class gases, equipment, and services from Messer can make things easier—and more cost effective. 

Moreover, our gases are compliant with all three global pharmacopoeia (US, EU, & Japan). That means Messer gases can meet your needs no matter where in the world your end product is destined to be used. Plus, our knowledgable engineers are available to help implement any gas filtration solutions you may require.


Bulk oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases

Messer is your trusted and reliable source for industrial gases. Whatever you need, we'll provide it at the precise purity level you require and deliver it via whatever transport/storage method you choose.  


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