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Industrial gases serve a vast range of purposes within the chemical and energy industries—and whatever form your specific use case takes, Messer is well positioned to supply you with the gases and expert guidance you need to excel.

Need gases in your petrochemical, biopharmaceutical or pulp & paper operations? Our gases are second to none. Interested in enhanced oil recovery? Our BOOST-EOR family of solutions are just what you need—and it’s also just one of our plethora of cutting-edge technological solutions.

Best of all, no matter what your application, our expert engineers will be there to guide and assist you every step of the way.

Choose your use case or area of interest below, and start exploring what Messer can do for you.


Cryogenic Reaction Cooling

Achieve per-batch temps as low as -180°C quickly, cleanly, and reliably with the CRYOCONTROL™ Fluid Temperature Control System.


Enhanced Oil Recovery

Revive old wells with nanoActiv® HnP, the EOR solution that uses nanoparticle technology to reinvent the Huff-n-Puff concept. 



Maximize productivity gains in both hydraulic fracturing and huff ‘n’ puff applications with our CO2- and N2-based solutions.



Trustworthy, zero-emission solutions that utilize purified liquid nitrogen (LIN) to deliver faster and more consistent results.


Oxygen Enrichment

Improve production capacity by up to 30-35% with best-in-class OXYBOOST™ supplemental oxygen solutions.


Pipeline & Turnaround (TAR) Services

Optimize oil and gas refinery operations with TAR, pipeline, and maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) services from our experts.


Solvent & Monomer Recovery

Remove and recover solvents, monomers, and VOCs cleanly and cost-effectively with the CRYOSOLV™ VEC condensation system.


Sulfur Recovery

Greatly enhance the capacity, yield, and stability of Claus process operations with our OXYBOOST™ oxygen injection system.


Supercritical CO2

Reliable sCO2 for fluid extraction, chromatography, and other uses. Available in multiple purity grades, including 5.5 SFC / SFE.

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