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Are you an independent gas distributor in need of a customer-focused company specializing in the production and supply of bulk gases? Or are you looking for a local gas distributor to meet any of your supply requirements? Look no further than Messer Distributors: Our team – through our extensive plant network across the US – is a long-term provider of bulk gases, which includes a network of distributors that may be essential to your business needs and growth. We know that a strong relationship built by a dedicated team is vital to your success. For more information, click either "Independent Distributors" or "Find a Distributor Near You." 

Independent Distributors

As an independent distributor of gases, working with Messer allows you to be a part of an industry-leading network of distributors. You can take advantage of:

Messer’s leading national network of plants and product sources provide you a supply of your key bulk gas products including helium, argon, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Your sales and technical teams can access multiple training programs they’ll find valuable to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Messer will work closely with you to provide product to your customers via bulk supply.

Grow your business by reaching new customers through Messer’s representation of the distributor network at key tradeshows, either virtual or in-person.

You won’t have to wait to reach a representative at Messer. Our dedicated team of sales professionals can support your growth initiatives.

A long-term commitment made by Messer and distributor to focus on applications-based sales.

Since 1993, the MDG has been helping independent distributors like you earn rebates and achieve volume discounts from the industry’s leading equipment suppliers. To learn more about the MDG, call +1-888-262-6424.

As a Messer distributor, you will join an industry-leading national network of independent distributors with common goals and objectives.

Messer does not have a cylinder business and commonly introduces our distributors to our bulk accounts.

Independent Distributors

Find a Distributor Near You

If you are seeking a local supplier of gases – both compressed and in a small bulk capacity – to meet your needs, please use the map below to find an independent distributor near you.

In addition, distributors within the Messer network can also provide an array of hard goods and consumables supporting the welding, cutting and fabrication needs of the US consumer.

Distributors also carry safety supplies such as personal protective equipment.

Find a Distributor Near You

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