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Increase product quality, yield, and selectivity of batch reactor cooling with our eco-friendly CRYOCONTROL™ system

Traditional vapor compression refrigeration systems have had an almost immeasurable impact on our day-to-day lives, enabling everything from air conditioning to frozen blood banks to pizzas.

That said, vapor compression systems get notably more complex once the target temperature drops below -40°C. They are also costly to use, optimized for a steady state rather than batch-to-batch operations, and often filled with refrigerants that damage the environment. Add it all up and the conclusion is inescapable: Vapor compression systems are a sub-optimal way to cool batch reactors to low temperatures. 

You need a better solution … and Messer has one: the CRYOCONTROL™ Fluid Temperature Control System.

Utilizing cryogenic gas and a cutting-edge engineered heat transfer design, the CRYOCONTROL™ system enables you to quickly and reliably cool each batch to a target temperature ranging from -20°C to -180°F, with controllability within +/- 2°C.

The CRYOCONTROL™ system can be installed indoors or outside, and is fully automated. Moreover, its process is chlorofluorocarbon-free and generates zero wastewater or secondary pollution. Because it uses liquid nitrogen (LIN) as its refrigerant, the only byproduct is pure gaseous nitrogen (GAN), which can either be released safely into the atmosphere or captured and re-used elsewhere in your process, such as for inerting, purging or pressure transfer. As a result, the CRYOCONTROL™ system is sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Learn more below.


Technological Solutions for Cryogenic Reaction Cooling

Achieve consistent, cost-effective batch reactor cooling with Messer's CRYOCONTROL™ system. Paired with our liquid nitrogen, it's the cryogenic solution that's good for both the environment and your bottom line. 

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