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Achieve consistent, high-quality annealing, or hardening results with Messer gases and technology

If your metal manufacturing processes include annealing, or hardening heat treatment, you can rely upon gases and technology from Messer. From our maintenance-free high speed gas injection technology to closed-loop furnace atmosphere control systems, Messer has everything you need to maximize product quality and operational efficiency while minimizing cost.  

With decades of industry experience, Messer is a leader in furnace atmosphere safety. We specialize in the processes and equipment required for safe handling of flammable furnace atmospheres per NFPA 86.

Choose your process below and see all the ways Messer technology can improve furnace atmosphere safety, enhance process control, reduce scrap/rework, and minimize maintenance cost.

Technology Solutions for Annealing

Messer annealing technology and gases deliver consistently high-quality results. Our furnace atmosphere control systems allow for safe furnace operation with predictable bright surface quality across a wide range of annealed materials. Hydrogen, nitrogen, argon or any combination thereof are analyzed and controlled in robust and dependable manner.

This in turn allows cost reductions and productivity increase through optimized atmosphere consumption, downtime elimination, reduced scrap and the need for rework. Additional throughput, if desired can be achieved through implementation of Messer’s high speed gas injection technology. Top it all off with our industry supply and technical support networks, and you have a recipe for quality you can depend on.


Technology Solutions for Hardening

The process of hardening steel to form martensite through heating and rapid quenching may be thousands of years old, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a little cutting-edge innovation.

Our gases and technology can provide desired mechanical properties such as hardness are achieved through precise control of oxidation/reduction and carburization/decarburization reactions that take place in the furnace.

High speed gas injection technology as well as increased amounts of hydrogen gas can increase cooling rates that drive the austenite-martensite transformation in gas quenching applications.

Messer’s sub-zero treatment technology also has the capability to perform sub-zero treatments necessary to drive the retained austenite to martensite transformation to completion, as well as perform a temper in the same furnace.

Messer furnace atmosphere carbon control solution

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