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Fire up your non-ferrous metal production with oxygen and oxy fuel burners and lances from Messer

Manufacture of non-ferrous metals such as copper and lead is all about furnaces. Rotary furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, shaft furnaces, smelting furnaces, holding furnaces, reheating furnaces  … clearly, non-ferrous metals love the heat.

So give it to them—with our OXIPYR® burners and/or injection lances.

Furnaces outfitted with one or both of Messer’s solutions can melt better. They use less fuel, increase production, distribute the heat more evenly, generate fewer emissions, and reduce carbon footprint.

Compatible with a wide range of furnace types, our lances and burners can make your non-ferrous metal production efficient and cost-effective.

Of course, Messer is also the only provider you need for best-in-class industrial gases and solutions, from pure oxygen to argon and hydrogen.

To meet the increasing demand for our copper products, we needed to improve refractory life on our Melting Furnace. Working with Messer was a collaborative process. From Messer’s assistance with burner repositioning, equipment tuning, melting know-how, and process optimization, we’ve seen a significant improvement in refractory life and daily operations.

Ray Ribar, Senior Process Engineer, Hussey Copper

Technology Solutions for Copper

Whether you’re processing copper in a reverberatory furnace or placing recycled copper into a rotary furnace for a melt-to-cast order, you want your process operating at peak efficiency. In other words, you want Messer's oxygen-enriched oxy fuel solutions. Put our highly versatile OXIPYR burners, injection lances, and market-leading gases to work for you.

  • Rotary drum furnace
  • Holding furnace
  • Reheat furnace continuous / discontinuous
Whether you’re processing copper in a reverberatory furnace or placing recycled copper into a rotary furnace for a melt-to-cast order, you want Messer's oxygen-enriched oxyfuel solutions.

Technology Solutions for Lead

If you have a furnace and a purpose, there's a fair chance Messer has an OXIPYR oxy fuel burner ideally suited to them. Let us show you the benefits of the OXIPYR technology, especially when used in tandem with our lances.

As always, Messer is also your premier gas supplier. We have the bulk O2 to supercharge the furnaces at the start of your process. 

    • Shaft furnace
    • Chamber furnace
    • Holding furnace
    • Rotary drum furnace
    • OXIPYR burner technology
oxy fuel-lead
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