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Increase productivity of kilns while decreasing costs and fuel consumption

Adding a Messer oxygen (O2) injection system to your kiln can increase production and reduce emissions—with no corresponding increase in raw materials consumption or costs.

Alternatively, you could add oxygen, but keep production levels the same—and watch your fuel costs decrease.

Either way, that translates to a significant profit boost going straight to your bottom line. Moreover, adding oxygen to your kiln also increases production while decreases specific energy consumption, emissions, and carbon footprint.

Adding oxygen to your kiln is affordable and can be done with minimal effort. The initial outlay is remarkably reasonable, which makes the investment cost easy to manage. Plus, Messer has market-leading expertise in engineering and implementing these upgrades. So you can be confident that every detail will be expertly managed.  

Let Messer help your kilns realize their full potential.

Technology Solutions for Kilns

Water-cooled oxygen lances and O2 flow control systems to increase the efficiency and profitability of kilns.

Messer oxygen lances

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