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Achieve consistent joining, high-quality brazing and soldering results with Messer gases and technology

From our closed-loop furnace atmosphere control systems or highly experienced field engineers for troubleshooting, Messer has everything you need to maximize product quality and operational efficiency while minimizing cost.  

With decades of industry experience, Messer is a leader in furnace atmosphere safety.  We specialize in the processes and equipment required for safe handling of flammable and inert furnace atmospheres per NFPA 86.

Choose your process below and see all the ways Messer technology can improve furnace atmosphere safety, enhance process control, reduce scrap/rework, and minimize maintenance cost.

Technology Solutions for Brazing

Would you rather increase productivity, enhance product quality, or lower overall costs? With gases and brazing solutions from Messer, you’ll never have to choose. Our brazing atmosphere control solutions are tailored to create proper furnace conditions. What does that mean for you? It means strong braze joints, bright part surfaces, optimized furnace atmosphere consumption, and reduced maintenance costs.


Technology Solutions for Soldering

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are everywhere around us, quietly nestled inside everything from TVs to toasters. If your business involves assembling those PCBs from piles of breadboards, resistors, and other components—and in particular soldering the resulting mosaic of components together—Messer is ready to help overclock your operation. 

How? By installing Messer’s nitrogen-based soldering technology for inerting and atmosphere control. Our solutions create inert atmospheres that not only reduce connection defects from oxidation during soldering, but also curtail flux use, maintenance woes, and dross production during wave soldering. We can even widen your process window. 

For instance, our local inerting system can easily convert an air wave soldering machine to nitrogen soldering, giving you cleaner prints, a 30% reduction in required maintenance, and 50-80% dross savings. Our atmosphere control system can reduce your gas costs by up to 40%. 

Messer has the components and know-how to optimize any wave soldering or reflow soldering process. Whether you need to retrofit existing wave soldering machines, inert full-tunnel soldering systems, or simply secure a trusted source of bulk nitrogen, we have the solutions and expertise to meet your every need.   

Messer local inerting system

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