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Supercharge sulfur recovery and production with the OXYBOOST™ oxygen control and injection system

Sulfur recovery and production via the Claus process typically relies upon ambient air to facilitate oxidation—which means nearly 80% of every dollar you spend on heating and circulating the air in your furnace is spent heating and circulating inert, non-helpful nitrogen, which adds nothing to your process. Moreover, thanks to more demanding regulations on H2S and NH3, many refineries are seeing their newly inadequate sulfur recovery systems turn into bottlenecks.

Messer’s OXYBOOST™ oxygen control and injection system can help.

Easy to install, OXYBOOST™ safely infuses your furnace atmosphere with pure oxygen, greatly improving the efficiency of the oxidation process. The result is a significant rise in processing capacity, often accompanied by additional increases in sulfur yield, process stabilization (due to more efficient destruction of NH3) and selectivity. 

Validated by CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations and based on sound engineering design, the OXYBOOST™ system properly meters required O2 and simultaneously injects it and mixes it into the air stream within two to four pipe diameters. This combination of design and performance creates a uniform, easily monitored furnace atmosphere, preventing hot spots and effectively eliminating the operational risks typically associated with oxygen enrichment. 

For more information on how Messer’s OXYBOOST™ oxygen injection system and O2 can update and upgrade your sulfur recovery and production operations, check out the data sheets below or contact us.


Technological Solutions for Sulfur Recovery

Messer's OXYBOOST™ oxygen injection system is a safe, efficient, easy-to-install way to supercharge your sulfur recovery operations. Plus, Messer is your best source for professional-grade O2—after all, we’ve been a trusted and reliable market leader for nearly 120 years. 

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