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World-class gases and equipment to lower biochemical and chemical oxygen demand (BOD & COD) in wastewater

Keeping the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of discharged wastewater within targeted conditions is more than just environmentally responsible—it’s required by law. That said, meeting or exceeding all applicable regulations and guidelines is simple when your environmental solutions center around pure bulk gases and state-of-the-art equipment from Messer. 

Messer offers the BIOX™ series of wastewater oxygenation solutions for chemical plants, municipalities, pulp & paper mills, food production plants and other industrial processes. This versatile product line ranges from our retrofit-ready Venturis, perforated hoses, spargers, nozzles and automated control skids for a complete oxygenation system which dispenses O2

Messer also offers its new BIOX™ mobile system as a plug-and-play solution that requires zero downtime to implement. Compact and versatile, it's most effective when used to supplement seasonal demand where there are large particulates in wastewater (up to 10mm). 

For more on Messer’s broad range of customizable BOD and COD solutions, take a look at the data sheets below, visit our resource center, or just contact us.

Technological Solutions for BOD and COD control

Need dependable BOD and COD control? Messer's BIOX™ wastewater treatment systems are customizable, cost-effective solutions you can rely upon—especially when coupled with first-class O2 from Messer.


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