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A safer, simpler, better way to control pH and scaling in tanks, ponds, and process water

The NEUTRATM  water treatment process from Messer lowers the pH of water not with harsh and hazardous chemicals, but with pure carbon dioxide (CO2) – and the benefits when compared to traditional acids are game-changing: 

  • Scales to fit applications of most any size
  • Prevents hyper-acidification – self-buffering to neutral 
  • No dangerous acids to handle
  • No discharge permit for added salt needed
  • Reduced corrosiveness
  • Lower operating costs

Messer’s team of engineers can find the solution – whether it is a gas or an industry-leading technology – that is best for you. For more information on the safer and simpler Neutra Process, check out the data sheet linked below or contact us.


NEUTRA™ Process

The safest, most efficient way to dissolve CO2 in your water and take control of your pH. 


NEUTRA™ Mobile 

Treat your water with a carbon dioxide treatment system that is safe, cost-effective and flexible for pH control and reduction.


Bulk CO2 and Gases 

Carbon dioxide for pH control, as well as additional gases in the forms and purity levels you desire.

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