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Expand the capacity of oxidation processes with Messer's OXYBOOST™ Flow Control Skid and oxygen injector

The addition of supplemental oxygen can greatly improve the efficiency of FCC, butanediol, sulfuric acid regeneration, nitric acid, and other oxidation-dependent processes. Whether you’re recovering sulfur in a Claus plant or cracking gas oil in a fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) plant, Messer’s OXYBOOST™ Flow Control Skid and corresponding OXYBOOST™ oxygen injector are ideal tools to help you increase yield, productivity, and profitability. 

Fully customizable and capable of manual or automated operation, the best-in-class OXYBOOST™ Flow Control Skid can increase the production capacity or FCC plants by up to 35% and Claus plant capacity by up to 30%. Initial install expenses are low and installation is quick and easy, so downtime is minimal. 

Best of all, the OXYBOOST™ Flow Control Skid and OXYBOOST™ oxygen injector are just two of the many ways Messer can collaborate and support the initiatives of oil and gas producers. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and vast industry experience, we offer full end-to-end service, including gas supply, cooling technology and cryogenics, and plant engineering. Whatever your need, we are ready to serve you. 


Technological Solutions for Oxygen Enrichment

Ensure your Claus plant, FCC plant, or other oxidation-based process unit is operating at peak possible capacity by using Messer's OXYBOOST™ Flow Control Skid and OXYBOOST™ oxygen injector—then keep it all running optimally by adding world-class oxygen from Messer, a leading gas supplier for nearly 120 years. 

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