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Bulk gases to make wastewater treatment, inerting and purging processes stable

Whether you’re binding carbon fibers with a thermoset resin (or thermoplastic polymer); synthesizing pigments for coloring paint, ink, plastic, cosmetics, food or other materials; or manufacturing textiles or other high performance fibers (HPF); you don’t want just any industrial gas supplier. You want a supplier you can depend on. One you can trust to understand your specific gas and application solution needs and meet them each and every day. In other words: You want Messer. 

If your business process requires bulk nitrogen (N2) for inert mixing or general inerting, purging, and blanketing, we can offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing Messer has the largest privately held N2 network in North America. 

If you need pure oxygen (O2) to manage chemical oxygen demand (COD) in wastewater, rest easy—Messer's supply network delivers from coast to coast.

What about bulk carbon dioxide (CO2) to decrease the pH of that same wastewater? No problem. We supply CO2 to satisfied customers all over the world. 

When you want the finest gases and the fewest complications, you want Messer.


N2 for Atmospheres

Keep unwanted gaseous contaminants away with pure nitrogen for inerting, purging and blanketing. 


CO2 for pH Control

Pure bulk carbon dioxide for dependable management of pH levels of discharged wastewater.


O2 to reduce COD

Regulate the chemical oxygen demand of wastewater with bulk oxygen.

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