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Pure bulk gases to optimize chemical synthesis, reduce emissions, and boost fertilizer production

You manufacture the fertilizers and agricultural chemicals that help the farmers of the world feed Earth’s ever-growing population. Those farmers are counting on you, and you can count on Messer. 

Synthesizing ammonia? Our purified nitrogen solutions can eliminate the burden of discharging argon, which saves you raw materials, energy, and money. Generating nitric or sulfuric acid? We can show you how to inject pure oxygen at strategic points, which can dramatically increase efficiency and plant capacity, lowering your resource expenses and reducing NOx emissions. If you’re having challenges with your stack NOx emissions, Messer can help with our eNOx™ NOx removal solution. 

Maybe you’re just looking for a reliable supplier of CO2 for late-stage inerting during urea synthesis? No problem. We have the most comprehensive CO2 distribution network in North America. 

Messer is your dedicated source for gases, solutions, and more than 120 years of trusted expertise. Contact us, and let’s explore how we can grow together.


Inerting, Purging & Blanketing

Tech-savvy solutions to prevent the reactions you don’t want and stabilize the reactions you do want.


Oxygen Enrichment

Lower emissions while raising overall productivity with precisely placed injections of pure O2


NOx Abatement

The eNOx™ Low-Temperature Oxidation (LTO) process is a patented process for removal of NOx and other pollutants from waste gas streams.


Bulk Gases

Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and more delivered in the forms and purity levels you need.

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