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5 Ways Physical Foaming Improves Plastic Injection Molding

5 Ways Physical Foaming Improves Plastic Injection Molding

If your manufacturing process uses injection molding to create parts for industries such as automotive, medical products, white goods/appliances, material handling and packaging, you’re probably ...
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Go greener and save some too 7 reasons CO2 is a better extrusion foaming agent

Go Greener and Save Some Too: 7 Reasons CO2 is a Better Extrusion Foaming Agent

Still using hydrocarbons or other petrochemicals in your extrusion foaming process to make food packaging and takeout containers, foam boards or mattresses? It’s time to think greener – from ...
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Gas products are hazardous. The use or misuse of gas products involves serious risks, including injury, disability and death. Users of gas products must use the Safety Data Sheets for the gas products to warn their employees and others who are exposed to the gas products or hazards associated with such products.

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