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Messer Serves Beverage Industry with More than Gases in the Americas

Quality, safety and service are paramount at one of the leading industrial gases companies

Bridgewater, N.J., U.S., April 25, 2019 – Messer Americas (Messer) will be a new name at BevTech® 2019, the annual meeting of the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) in Charlotte, N.C., April 29-May 1, but its cutting-edge services will be familiar to attendees.

Messer was formed March 1 following acquisitions from Linde AG by the Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners, which included substantially all of Linde AG’s bulk gases business in the United States.

Messer is now one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases in North and South America. The company distributes beverage-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) and a variety of other gases through an extensive network spanning over 70 production facilities in the region.

BevTech attendees should recognize Messer representatives from its North American bulk business, who transferred as part of the acquisition. Most notably is Sal Calandra who becomes first vice-president of ISBT’s board of directors May 1. Calandra is Head of Quality & Food Safety for Messer’s North American operations and filled a similar post at Linde.

“Messer places a high value on quality, safety, reliability and service,” said Calandra. “Our team diligently serves our customers who include international soft drink companies, regional and local bottlers, breweries, wineries, and distributors of gases.”

Messer provides expertise supporting the beverage industry through ISBT by leading the development of guidelines and educational material for the Beverage Institute by ISBT®. Recognized by many as a leader in quality and safety, Messer continues to see growth in this space, supplying new entrants into beverage manufacturing. The company will leverage expertise in supplying bulk CO2 and N2 – with a keen focus on quality of supply, reliability of delivery and service – to beverage customers.

As part of Messer Group, the company offers over 120 years of proven expertise in the safe and reliable production and delivery of industrial, food, beverage, medical and specialty gases. For more information, visit www.messer-us.com, or call 800-755-9277.

About Messer
On March 1, 2019, Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners Fund VII (CVC) acquired most of the North American gases business of Linde plc, as well as certain Linde business activities in South America.  With over 70 production facilities and approximately 5,400 employees operating in the US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile, Messer today is one of the leading industrial gas companies in North and South America. Together with Messer Group, the company represents a USD $3 billion global enterprise with presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit. www.messer-us.com

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