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Whether you’re in chemical processing, water treatment or another industry … ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants at your disposal.

The use of ozone for drinking water and wastewater treatment, mineral and pulp bleaching, and NOx removal continues to rise. But the process of converting oxygen into ozone is inefficient, and only a small percentage of the oxygen put into the system actually converts to ozone. The rest goes unused and is ultimately vented out of the system.

OXYCYCLE™ oxygen recovery unit from Messer offers a better way.

OXYCYCLE™ is a patented solution that recovers unused oxygen and feeds it back into your ozone generator, reducing the system’s overall oxygen consumption by up to 60%. In the process, it substantially reduces your operating costs and boosts your ozone production efficiency to new levels.

To learn more about how OXYCYCLE™ can lower your operating expenses for ozone production, view our data sheet or download our whitepaper

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