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Increase production while lowering cost, emissions and batch times with pure and reliable gases and oxy fuel technology

There was a time in history when the only way to get iron was to wait for it to fall from the sky as a meteor—and even then, it didn’t have that special 1% (or less) infusion of carbon that makes it into modern man’s most versatile metal: steel.

Iron is much easier to obtain these days, but it still takes a ton of hard work and several more tons of mind-bogglingly heavy machinery to turn it into steel. If that process is the profession you call your own, know that Messer is ready to supercharge your melt shop and your productivity. 

Our oxy fuel solutions, anchored by our state-of-the-art flagship offerings, the OXIPYR® gas injection lances and OXIPYR® burners, are a versatile, cost-effective, and undeniably effective way to boost performance, reduce natural gas costs, and decrease emissions.

Learn more about our technologies below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help deciding which oxy fuel solution is best for you.

Technology Solutions for Steel

We understand why people do a double-take when they see what Messer's OXIPYR lances and OXIPYR oxy fuel burners can do. Overall productivity skyrockets at the same time natural gas usage falls by 30-70%, emissions decrease, and your carbon footprint shrinks.

Ladle Preheating
Blast furnace
Direct Reduction
Electric Arc Furnace
Secondary Metallurgy


Technology Solutions for Foundries

OXIPYR LEAF Burner Technology
Ladle Preheating
Electric Arc Furnace

Induction Furnace
Cupola Furnace

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