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Faster and more economical ways to extend bladder life, raise quality, and improve de-flashing and recycling

When it comes to tire production, no other solution can compete with the unmatched control, safety, and corrosion-minimizing effects of Messer’s nitrogen supply system.

Vulcanization is one of the most important steps in tire production, but conventional methods such as steam vulcanization have significant limitations. The biggest is that you can’t adjust temperature independently from pressure, which can compromise the tire’s quality. 

Messer’s system, on the other hand, utilizes heated and pressurized nitrogen to supply the precise temperature needed for vulcanization and the exact pressure required for molding. 

The result is decreased cycle time and the end of local overheating, which leads to boosted product quality. What’s more, our solution is safer than high pressure water/steam, and even extends the life of your system by minimizing wear and precluding oxidation effects.  

Messer also offers innovative cryogenic de-flashing and/or recycling solutions. Because rubber shrinks more than most materials when cooled, our -320 F composite separation systems—which fit both tumble and shot de-flashing systems—are an ideal way to disjoin used tire rubber from the steel and fiber components that make up the rest of the tire. Plus, because cooled rubber becomes highly brittle, our cryo-grinding solutions enable faster and more efficient tire grinding or de-flashing, with smaller recycled particles.

No matter what portion of the tire life cycle you focus upon, it is likely Messer has a solution that can help increase efficiency, optimize quality, and reduce cycle time. Our team of customer-focused sales engineers is ready to help tailor a custom solution for your exact needs. Contact us today.


Tire Production

Vulcanization made better with nitrogen-enabled pressure adjustability. 


Rubber Deflashing

Liquid-nitrogen-based systems vastly more efficient than manual deflashing methods. 


Bulk Gases 

Professional-grade dry ice, liquid nitrogen (LIN) and additional cryogenic or process gases.

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