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Safe, Professional, and Off-Road Capable Midstream Services

From pigging to purging, maintenance operations for midstream oil and gas pipelines require high volumes of pressurized nitrogen. Additionally, an arsenal of specialized equipment, must be safely deployed in the often remote, rugged locations traversed by pipelines.

Messer is here to help. Our highly professional pipeline services team is dedicated to safety and ready to deploy across the country to complete pipeline maintenance work on time and on budget.


Why use Messer’s pipeline pressure pumping services?

Messer offers the quality gas supply, equipment, and proven experience needed to successfully execute a variety of common pipeline maintenance and commissioning projects. Our experienced pipeline team is lean, agile, and professional. They take pride in showing up to work sites with clean trucks and uniforms, ready to work.

Safety is an uncompromised value to Messer. That means employing best practices and prepared to pause a project if they believe the situation is unsafe. All pipeline employees have the necessary operator qualifications and knowledge to offer responsive and quality service. 

  • Site Survey Risk Assessments and road risk reviews are conducted before every engagement.
  • Piping material is 1502 (15,000 psi rated) with 5000 psi flex lines including Kevlar Gangline™ restraints on each connection.

Messer Nitrogen Pipeline Supply and Services

Messer employs an expanding fleet of pumping and storage equipment to support the onsite delivery of quality pressurized nitrogen, even at remote offroad locations. Inert, non-corrosive, and non-toxic, nitrogen plays a critical role in supporting a variety of common pipeline maintenance work.

Pressurized nitrogen is employed to safely propel pigging tools for pipeline inspection, cleaning, and more.

Removing oxygen and hydrocarbons from refinery equipment and pipelines helps prevent product contamination and reduces safety risks such as explosions and corrosion.

Explosion, fire and corrosion is a particular risk when pipelines are removed from service for long periods of time. Blanketing helps protect your people and your piping.

Pressurized nitrogen can test maximum operating pressures and identify leaks prior to commissioning.

Messer offers the equipment needed to safely speed up the drying process and reduce downtime for your pipeline.


Learn More About Messer Nitrogen Pressure Pumping Services

Need support for your pipeline maintenance needs? Messer has the experience, equipment, and supply chain you need. Learn more about our Nitrogen pressure pumping services in our data sheet here.

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