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CO2 to Nitrogen Conversions.

Avoid CO2 Shortage Risk by Switching to Nitrogen.

Nitrogen (N2) can be as effective as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and offers added convenience, flexibility and protection against a possible CO2 shortage at a comparable cost.

The Messer supply network is built for these uncertain times; multiple nodes of supply strengthen reliability and increase flexibility. Less dependent on CO2 from ethanol than other major CO2 suppliers, Messer directly controls the production of CO2 and N2 and operates multiple Air Separation Units in North America.  Application sales technicians can help processors decide which cryogen is best for their production facilities.

Read our BLOG on how to address CO2 supply shortages.

Messer's Custom Cryogenic Chilling and Freezing Solutions:


Cryogenic Mixer Chilling Control System Ensures Repeatability and Promotes Food Safety.

Messer’s advanced control system takes the operator guesswork out of blender chilling. The cryogen is matched to each batch and flows to each bottom injector for consistent temperatures across each and every batch.

At the same time, Messer’s patented hygienic KRYOJECTOR® injectors help prevent water-soluble proteins and food particulates from clogging injector orifices. The technology contributes to improved food safety while reducing cycle times.

Download KRYOJECTOR® Datasheet

Download Bottom Injection White Paper

Hot Products Freezer Increases Yields and Prevents Ice Buildup

The Messer Hot Products Freezer is ideal for sealing in moisture and increasing yield of cooked products such as marinated chicken wings, breasts and fillets while preventing ice from impacting operations.

The patented tunnel freezer can reduce dehydration losses by up to five times that of mechanical methods and up to three times that of conventional cryogenic freezers.

View Our Hot Products Freezer Datasheet

Download Cryogenic Chilling Whitepaper

IQF Efficiency with Messer's Wave Impingement Freezer

Combining the best of both worlds, the Messer Wave Impingement Freezer leverages the efficiency of cryogenic gas impingement flows and a proprietary wave action on the belt for high-heat transfer efficiency. The new freezer is ideal for consistent quick freezing of items like diced meats and poultry.

Download Wave Impingement Freezer Datasheet 

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