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There are around 1.7 million active oil and gas wells in the US. However, hundreds of thousands have declined to the point of being marginally economic.

Enhancing well productivity has traditionally been done using stimulation methods that increase the permeability of the reservoir rock or lower the oil viscosity. While these methods can be used to stimulate productivity, they may be costly and riskier, especially for unconventional wells.

HnP (Huff’n Puff) treatments – as a proven, single-well stimulation method – can dramatically increase production from stripper, depleted or low-pressure oil wells. Over the years, HnP treatments have been used as an affordable, effective means of enhancing recovery.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how a new HnP process – nanoActiv® HnP powered by Messer, a Boost-EOR™ solution – combines proven, enhanced gas and nanoparticle recovery technologies to create a multi-spectrum remediation process for wells with production problems.

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