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Messer will showcase new technologies at the 2022 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), Booth C11529

As consumer demand shifts to retail channels, innovative cryogenic technologies are boosting production of existing processing lines and quickly adding capacity to new lines. Fill out the form on the right to learn more about how converting to liquid nitrogen (LIN) could improve your security of supply, due to the reduced availability of carbon dioxide.

At IPPE, you'll also see how:

  • The patented high-capacity Wave Impingement freezer, which combines the benefits of wave product agitation with impingement gas flows can give you new levels of IQF quality and productivity. The Wave Impingement freezer is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to COflighted freezers and triple pass tunnels. Watch this video for more.

  • Bottom injection chilling technology with Messer‘s KRYOJECTOR® injectors and control system, a hygienic technology, can improve food safety and deliver consistent batch-to-batch chilling, while reducing blender cycle times.

  • Cross-Flow tunnel freezer could be the right fit for crust-freezing a wide range of high-moisture and hot products while preventing ice from hindering your operations.


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