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High-efficiency cryogenic freezers boost productivity and streamline food processing operations while reducing costs. They help maintain the proper food temperatures that are essential for food quality, preservation and food safety.

Download this whitepaper for an introduction to food processing utilizing cryogenic food-grade gases – either carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2). It focuses on inline cryogenic freezing systems, particularly in the further processing of meat, poultry and seafood; individually quick frozen (IQF) products; and in freezing dough products and baked goods.

Messer’s cryogenic freezing solutions include:
  1. Tunnel Freezers
  2. Impingement & Wave Impingement Freezers
  3. IQF Wave Freezers
  4. Immersion Freezers
  5. Spiral Freezers
  6. Immersion Spiral Freezers
  7. Sauce and Pellet Freezers

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